Accouter Design

We worked with Accouter Design to produce the full complement of upholstered furniture for their luxurious project in Chelsea Waterfront.  From sofas and armchairs to bar stools and benches, we worked closely with the design team to create an interior to rival the spectacular views.

The sleek asymmetrical sofas form the centrepiece of the living area. Created in 5 modular sections to enable access, they were flawlessly assembled on site by our experienced installation team.

“The bespoke pieces we designed for Chelsea Waterfront were made perfectly by Ochre House and the whole design process was smooth and simple. It’s so satisfying as a designer when the upholstery turns up to site exactly as you imagined it from the first sketch.” 

Georgia-Rose Ford, Accouter Design
Photography by Julian Abrams


Chelsea Waterfront 

September 2019